New Aesthetics + New Functions - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

The social network made some important changes in the Ad Manager, the software that allows you to manage the advertising platform on both Facebook and Instagram. In CWT Advertising we tell you what they are!

Although you can promote a publication to expand its reach through an advertising budget – both from Facebook and Instagram – from your feed or biography, the Ad Manager is the ideal platform to execute marketing campaigns, since there you have many more options to achieve your goals, and additionally, it allows you to advertise without the need for them to be published in your account.

If you want to delve into some of its advantages, we invite you to read “What is a Dark Post and what is it used for? «, Which we published recently in this blog.

New Main Screen

Facebook continuously makes aggregates or changes, in such a dynamic way that they are not even reflected in the help of the product. In this case, the main screen has had a cosmetic modification, which at first sight – for the brain accustomed to the previous version – is somewhat annoying, although as usually happens with this type of changes, in a short time we will naturalize it and get used as If it had always been like that.

To compare, the previous version, in our case, will only be available until July 30, for the same information it looks like this. We clarify that “in our case”, since as usually happens in this type of implementations, they are carried out gradually, and it is possible that some users still do not see them.

From now on, to have direct access to sets of ads, or ads, you will have to use the left sidebar, in addition to obviously clicking on a campaign and entering there.

Enhanced Ad Editing

This same aesthetic is observed when editing is advertisement, where the options of creating new, or duplicating, are more intuitively observed. The “preview” is integrated, although it is a change that occurred a few weeks ago, and it is quite pleasant indeed.

Change history with the naked eye

A function that we found super interesting, is to see at a glance the history of changes in a campaign, in a set of ads, or even in a specific ad, being able to filter by user. This functionality is ideal when there are many people interacting on the same advertising account, or to analyze the changes made.

Graphic statistics

Facebook has also simplified the visualization of graphics of interest, so you can monitor the success of each advertising action, analyze your audience and make the optimizations you want.

In this case, it is not something new, but it is easier to access and consult. Let’s review what they are!
For example in «Demographic data» you can see how your audience has behaved according to their gender and age group

Another interesting option is «Location” to analyze where your ad was shown. This possibility can be seen for the entire account, or as we have said before, in particular for a campaign, set, or ad.

As you can see in the image, Facebook clarifies that Facebook Stories statistics are not yet accurate

Finally, there is the «performance graph », which shows results obtained according to the campaign objective

Have you seen these changes in your account? What do you think?