NEW! Increase your sales using the coupon and discount system of CWT Advertising. - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

In CWT Advertising we are proud to have implemented a powerful system of coupons and discounts, which will allow you to carry out all your marketing strategies in order to increase the sales of your online store. In this note we tell you what this new functionality is about, examples of when it is convenient to use it, and the detail of how to do it. Anyway, you will see that it is very intuitive, and you can make excellent promotions in a very simple way!

Demonstrative video

We invite you to watch this video where we show the functionality, and then we give you all the explanations so you can use it perfectly

When and how to use discount coupons?

The functionality of coupons and discounts is so versatile, that it will allow you to put into practice any idea you can think of to increase the sales of your store. You can set automatic or coupon discounts; fixed amount or percentage; Limit them by date, by product category and by means of payment. You can also set a minimum purchase amount to access the discount and a maximum discount cap.

Combining all these options you will have the necessary tools to build loyalty to your audience, recover customers who have not bought on your website for a long time, and encourage them to achieve more orders.

Here are some of the promotion ideas you can generate.

Sample Discounts

  • 10% discount for Christmas, in all sales of your store from December 1 to 24
  • 15% discount in the “appliances” category, with a maximum cap of $ 500 per discount
  • 5% discount on any purchase, as long as your payment method is «MercadoPago», or «bank transfer», or whichever you choose.
  • $ 200 pesos discount on all sales over $ 1,500
  • 20% discount to the first 10 people who buy a specific product
  • 30% discount on all purchases on category «end of season offers»
  • “$ 300 gift voucher on your next purchase, as long as your purchase exceeds $ 2000”
  • Give a 20% discount on the next 5 purchases of PS4 games for 1 year, to those who bought the console.
  • Give a 5% discount coupon to those who have not bought you for more than 6 months.
  • 10% discount coupon for the next 3 purchases made by a particular person, for any product in your store.

How to use IDEA coupons and discounts YOUR SITE?

1) Where to enter discounts?

Within your administration panel, you will find a new menu, in «STORE» -> »Payment and Shipping» -> »Discounts and Coupons»

From there you can access this new functionality.

2) Automatic and Manual Discounts

It is essential to differentiate between «automatic discounts» and «manual coupons»

The «automatic discounts» refer to a discount that will be applied during the payment process without user intervention, while in the «manual coupons» your visitors must enter a code defined by you beforehand to obtain the benefit.

Important! If a user enters a discount coupon, he will get the benefit defined therein, and another automatic discount that can also apply will not be processed. That is, manual coupons are a priority with respect to automatic discounts.

3) Components of a discount

When you create the discounts, you must enter the following information: “Settings” and “Rules and Discounts”

In Settings you can enter promotion information such as:

  • Discount Type (Automatic or Coupon)
  • Description of the discount, which will be displayed on your website.
  • Dates and Hours of Validity (from – to)
  • Minimum purchase amount to access the discount
  • Maximum discount limit that can be obtained. (for example: $ 500)
  • Maximum number of times the discount can be used (for example: 100 times)
  • Scope of the discount (optional text to show to users)

In Rules you can enter promotion information such as:

  • % discount on the sale to be applied, or a fixed amount in $ of the benefit
  • What categories does the discount affect (or all)
  • Categories excluded from the discount (ex: does not include new collection)
  • Specific products to which the discount applies (if you wish)
  • Specific products excluded from the discount
  • Means of payment to which the discount applies (or to all)

4) Enable / Disable a discount

You can very easily enable or disable discounts whenever you want.

Frequent questions

What happens if there are 2 automatic discounts for a specific purchase? Which one is used?

Let’s look at a specific example.
Imagine you have a discount, “10% in payment‘ to be agreed “, but you also have another” 20% Hot Sale between May 13 and 15 ”

A purchase on May 14 with payment “to be agreed” would have both benefits. Which one choose CWT Advertising? It is simple, the one you have chosen as the most important. You can easily move the discounts one over the other by dragging them, and thus assemble the priorities. When CWT Advertising finds a discount that applies, it will no longer take into account the following.

What happens if there are 2 or more automatic rules for a coupon? Which one is used?

As we have, the system is very versatile, and you can define various rules. Imagine that you have a «15% rule in swimsuits category», but then you have a «20% rule about the xxxxx swimsuit». Which one does the system choose? Again the one you have chosen as a priority.