The use of music on TikTok has been a topic of discussion in the past few months, as more and more users include popular songs in their videos. The application has therefore changed its rules for businesses, which could have a significant impact on mobile marketing …

Rules for using popular songs on TikTok

After the introduction of augmented reality in videos on TikTok, a common question about using the app for brands is whether they can add the songs of their choice to their videos, without constraints or fees. And the answer so far has been yes, as such use has apparently been incorporated into existing agreements between TikTok and music publishers, many of which came from the app.

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But that seems to have changed, which could change your brand approach to TikTok marketing. According to Washington Post video producer Dave Jorgenson TikTok has changed its rules regarding the commercial use of popular songs.

Businesses and brands will no longer have access to the music they used to, and will instead be referred to a royalty-free commercial music library.

In a tweet posted on his Twitter account, Dave Jorgenson echoes TikTok’s explanations:

“The commercial music library provides you with a rich and diverse base of royalty-free music for your commercial content. With this new feature, you can enjoy unlimited worldwide use of your content within the TikTok ecosystem with access to free, high-quality music. It will also save you time and investment in sorting music licenses and, in turn, allow you to focus on creating unique and fun content for your audience. “

Conversely, these entities will no longer be allowed to include popular tracks in their videos.

To be clear, the change here only affects companies on TikTok at this point, not regular users, who are still free to use popular songs in their videos.

The biggest impact here will be on memes and remixes, as this could reduce their visibility on the app and limit the scope of their content.