New templates for you to create your own Landing Page - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

In previous articles we gave you tips and suggestions about how to create a good landing page, now we present some templates with fabulous designs that we created in CWT Advertising. Just edit the texts, change if you want the images, add what you want, use your imagination. That easy and fast you can have your professional landing.

A landing page aims to generate traffic, get your visitors to know a product, start a purchase or subscribe to a service. With these designs and with the help of our new image bank you have everything in one place, create amazing pages in minutes.

All templates adapt to your business

Remember something very important, no matter if you choose a “landing” type, a “gastronomy” or an “architecture” template, ALL can be 100% customized, so you can adapt it to any business. Do not forget that all the tools of CWT Advertising are available regardless of the design you choose, you can have a shopping cart, image galleries, videos, music and all the functionality regardless of which template you selected.

Didn’t you like the design you chose? Do you want to try another one? Do it! Change your template whenever you want, you will not lose any of your loaded content, neither your products nor sales, try as many times as you want all the designs available for your site.

Tools that will help you

In addition to creating new templates, we have added some tools that will help you make your landing page (or your website).

As it is not a simple task to place content vertically centered in HTML + CSS, compatible with all browsers and adaptable to mobile phones, we have added this option in CWT Advertising so that it can be done in just two clicks.

Add box type elements to your site, choose an image or background color, and then indicate the percentage of screen you want to use. You can create amazing pages by combining these functions with animation and parallax effects