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New Year's resolutions that companies and brands should followOne of the elements that are repeated at the beginning of every year is the New Year’s resolutions. When the year changes, we all fill ourselves with great promises and great plans to change our lives and we all start thinking about everything we are going to do and what we should have been doing already. It’s time to sign up for the gym, start studying a language, make a healthier life or read more. Actually, what New Year’s purposes help to do is detect what we are failing and what we should do to improve our day to day.

And that is why New Year’s resolutions should not only remain in personal improvement plans, but they are also a great opportunity to detect those things that fail in many more scenarios and work to change it. Therefore, we have made New Year’s resolutions that the brands should sign.

Quit annoying advertising

One of the great complaints of consumers is that advertising is especially annoying. The emergence and popularization of the network has only accentuated the problem and make consumers much more aware of it. In addition, and as it has been clearly seen during the year that has just ended, consumers are not only increasingly aware of the problem and the impact it has on their day-to-day life but are increasingly determined to find a solution, although be using your own resources for it.

The adblocker boom has only demonstrated this new reality and, therefore, changed how things are organized and how they have to respond to them. Brands can no longer continue to play to reach or not reach consumers and, above all, how they will be perceived by them, using advertising that is annoying, unpleasant and that consumers want to avoid. Brands (and the media) will have no choice but to find new ways.

Put the consumer at the epicenter of services

Ultimately, all that should be required of brands to meet the first point is, in fact, to give much more importance to consumers and their needs. Brands have to put the consumer at the epicenter of their strategy and they need to do it more than ever. You cannot procrastinate in this field and you cannot leave this idea for tomorrow, since the truth is that consumers give less and less opportunities to brands in this field and force companies to work much more in this scenario. Consumers want brands to care about them and make their lives much more comfortable, forcing them to position themselves in that field and work to make the consumer feel that it is really important.

Get to know the consumer better

And all this will force them to get to know the consumer better and to be much more aware of what they need and look for. In fact, this point is also fundamental, since many elements of the brand strategy depend on what is done in this field. In an increasingly competitive world, the key is increasingly in personalized services, in messages that talk about you to the consumer, and brands have no choice but to work on it and try to position themselves in that scenario.

Be less dependent on third party decisions

If the brands of 2016 have learned something and if something has become clear as a very important element that they should always keep in mind is that, in recent times, they have become, in a way, slaves of the decisions that others make. One of the great examples is Facebook: the social network has been changing again and again its rules and decisions and, in this way, has been penalizing brands and media that, until that moment, had depended remarkably on them to position themselves in the market and to reach consumers. Facebook had become a great source of traffic and everyone was betting heavily on them, which has made it much harder when things changed.

Therefore, one of the great purposes for 2017 has to be to find an alternative, to find a way to position oneself without being so dependent on what others are deciding.

Sign the necessary talent

Brands are living a complete revolution in what they should do, what they can do and what is being left out. The market is becoming more and more competitive and companies have to work more and more determined to position themselves in that market, while they need more and more specific profiles to do so. Brands have to abandon the ideas of the years of the crisis and have to jump to hire. They have to make sure they have the necessary and adequate staff to connect with consumers and to position themselves where they should be positioned.

Mobile, mobile, mobile

And, although it seems that we have been talking about the mobile phone and its needs for years, the truth is that it continues to enter again and again between the things that brands must do in the face of their imminent future, because the truth is that, despite everything , still have not done their homework. The mobile has become a crucial element for the future of companies and to connect with consumers, who increasingly use their devices for virtually anything and any activity. The brands have no choice, therefore, to try to connect with them in that scenario and to try to position themselves in it, so they have to adapt their activity and actions to what this tool requires.

Source: PuroMarketing