[Novedad] Google Ads added more space in your ads ... - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Google has added a third line, expanding the space available for your ads. In CWT Advertising we tell you the scoop, so you can stand out from your competitors.

What is the change about?

Google now allows you to add a third line, in addition to an additional description. Before continuing, let’s see what it is about

How can you see, both “Title 3” and “Description 2” are the new features

What does your ad look like?

With the sample data loaded, your ad might look like this:

Will “title 3” always be displayed?

Google’s information in the help (the change is too recent to have statistics), is that “it is possible that the title 3 is NOT always shown”

Therefore, we advise you to use it as additional information, and not to base your communication strategy in this space.

What is behind this change? What will be Google’s strategy?

This implies that the trend in Smartphones will be further accentuated, that the first-placed ad occupies virtually the entire screen.

Some conclusions that we deduce in this regard:

Tip: Update the ads! and take advantage of these changes before your competitors notice the news.