Now it is easier to position your Website in Google - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Our development team made an important change that will positively impact the positioning of your website in search engines, improving the location of the “keywords” of your business. The key to the change is that now you can clearly explain to Google how you want each of the pages on your website to be displayed. Here we tell you what it is about!

1) Brief introduction to SEO

SEO (“Search engine optimization”) is the set of techniques and good practices that you must follow to correctly position your website in search engines. To achieve this, one of the secrets is to explain to Google or Bing, how exactly you want your website to appear. In CWT Advertising we add a section on “SEO Settings”, so that you can detail it clearly.

2) What is and where is the SEO configuration screen?

The configuration you have to do on each page of your site. When you edit them, you must enter “settings”, and there you will see options like the ones shown below.

3) Why the “SEO Settings” is on every page

This is fundamental knowledge that you must know to be successful in SEO. To explain it to you, we will resort to a concept that we named at the beginning of this note, which is “keywords”, or also known as “keywords”

A business or brand has several keywords, which are the products or services it offers. It should be noted that a “keyword” has, – although it sounds contradictory! – a lot of words. Examples of keywords:

“women shoes”“rain boots”“Motorcycle insurance”, “Repair of air conditioners”. If your business is limited to a specific region, you can include your city in the keyword, such as “Wooden chairs in Mar del Plata”.

Returning to the initial question, each page of your website will generally seek to position a single keyword, or a keyword and similar variants. That is why in CWT Advertising the “SEO Settings” is found on each page.

If you want to go deeper, you can see more information in this note about SEO that we published some time ago

4) Performing the SEO Configuration of an CWT Advertising page

Let’s see an example of how Google displays a page

SEO Title (meta Title)

It is the title that you want to appear in search engines. For example “CWT Advertising – We put your business on the Internet”

SEO description (meta description)

It is the description that you want to be shown in the search engines, in this case it is:

“Have your own Online Store. That your competitors do not take advantage of you. Start selling online today. “


It is the URL or name of the web page. For example

A practical example of how to configure the SEO of your page.

We will use an example of a fictitious company called “Aires Tucumanos”. Imagine that a page of yours will talk about your air conditioning repair service, and that you do your work in Tucumán.

In this you could choose the following options

SEO title: “Repair of Air Conditioners in Tucumán | Aires Tucumanos ”

This character “| ” It is usually used to separate the objective of a page, with the name of the company. You can also use “-“, there is no difference or benefits for using one or the other.

SEO Description: “Aires Tucumanos is a company specialized in the installation of air conditioners for homes, businesses or industries in Tucumán. Request your budget here ”

Url: “Installation-air-conditioners-in-tucuman”

Keywords “Repair of air conditioners in Tucumán”.
It should be noted that keywords are not used by Google to improve positioning, but it may be useful to organize your work neatly

We hope you enjoy this new and important functionality, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.