Now you can add additional information about your customers with the custom fields! - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Are you ready for our new functionality? We believe that you will not only love it but it will also bring many benefits to your business.

The CWT Advertising development team has added a new tool that will simplify your processes, and will give you additional flexibility to manage your clients. Now you can create custom fields for users who register on your website.

In this note we tell you what “custom fields” are, how you can create them, and some useful ideas for their use.

What is a custom field?

Until a few days ago when your customers or prospects registered on your Website, they added their first name, last name, and email. These data, although they were super useful, were often scarce for subsequent marketing actions. In turn, we know that there is certain information that is important to ask users. In some cases it is the DNI, in others the Linkedin profile, or the Skype user.

As there are many possible options and to give you 100% flexibility, we create the “custom fields”, so that you can choose what information to ask each of the people who want to register on your site.

Creating a custom field step by step

1) Enter “Settings”, under “SITE”, and there on the left you will see the new option “Custom Fields”

2) Add a “New Custom Field”


When you finish this operation, your custom field will be created, and it will appear to each new user that you want to register. It should be noted that you can perform this operation up to 6 times. That is, you can configure up to 6 simultaneous fields.

How do your users see the information?

At the time of registration, as you can see on this screen, the additional information you have created will be requested, in addition to the usual data. Your load will be mandatory or not as you have indicated, and there will be the option to see the help text by clicking on the question mark.

Can your customers edit their information?

Yes! Each time they identify themselves on your site, they can view their uploaded data, and modify their own information.

Can the site administrator modify user information?

Of course, either because a user did not complete it correctly, or because you want to fill in the information of your customers who registered prior to this functionality.

To do this, enter “STORE” -> “Sales and Customers”, and edit the user you want. There you will see all the custom fields you have created.

Some ideas to use “Custom Fields”

  • Add the day and month of birthday. Send an email or message to your customers who complete that information, announcing that they will receive a present from your brand on this special day. It may be a% discount on the next purchase, which will increase loyalty with your brand.
  • Request the WhatsApp number, so you can add all the users who sign up and be able to chat with them whenever you want or need it.
  • Request preference information, such as the type of products that interest you, to be able to send email or whatsapp marketing campaigns, segmented based on this information.

From the IDEA team YOUR SITE we hope you enjoy this functionality, and any questions do not hesitate to write to us!