Now you can create ads on WhatsApp! -

While Facebook strives to make WhatsApp a more comprehensive tool for even more professional use, the social network is also seeking to provide more advertising tools to brands …

Until now, it was not possible to create ads on WhatsApp, as ads in direct messaging threads have been unsuccessful. Instead, Facebook offers a new option for businesses on WhatsApp, which allows them to create Facebook promotions in their WhatsApp business tools.

Brands have long been able to create Facebook ads that link to WhatsApp, they just had to go through Facebook’s Ads Manager to do so. The new process thus provides this same functionality in WhatsApp itself, which is a significant step forward for the platform’s promotional tools.

New tool to integrate into your marketing mix strategy

The process uses WhatsApp Business catalogs to find product information for Facebook promotion. Professional profiles can thus select an item from their catalog and quickly transform it into a Facebook or Instagram advertisement with a button redirecting followers to their WhatsApp profile.

According to Facebook, more than one million businesses use Click to WhatsApp ads on Facebook. So there is clearly a demand, and this could just be a powerful promotional opportunity to add to your marketing mix strategy.

This is another promotion tool that will help you attract more people to your WhatsApp presence. And if your audience is seeing strong buy-in to both apps, this could be a good way to boost your WhatsApp marketing strategy.

Source: CNN