Now you can install Google Tag Manager in CWT Advertising! - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
In our platform we continue to add functionalities to continue increasing the satisfactory experience of your visitors, and facilitate your management tasks.

On this occasion, we have incorporated the possibility of implementing Google Tag Manager in CWT Advertising. In this article we tell you what it is about, what is the benefit, and how you can achieve it.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google tag manager is one of those concepts that its explanation seems more complex than it is!

To clarify them, as philosophers of “German idealism”, we will first go to the antithesis, that is, analyze what happens if you don’t have Google Tag Manager.

  • If you want to measure your traffic with Google Analytics, insert the code snippet on your website
  • If you want to measure Google Ads conversions, again insert the code snippet on your website
  • If you use a chat tool, and you need to measure the number of conversations, you will insert the code on your website again.
  • And the same happens if you want to implement Facebook conversions, remarketing in Google Ads, etc, etc.


Every time you want a new integration with your website, or modify an existing one, you have to edit the source code, with the risk of “breaking” something by mistake, and then it is complex to review what has been done.

With Google Tag Manager, you avoid all this situation, adding a single code on your website. Precisely … the Google Tag Manager! …

Final philosophical synthesis: “Google Tag manager is a tag manager”

What are the benefits then of Google Tag Manager?

All the integrations that I mentioned, you can then carry out within the tool, without having to alter the code of your website. The benefits are:

  • Greater neatness
  • Ease of understanding of the integrations you have made
  • Comfort
  • Greater potential to measure conversions of each integration
  • Possibility of giving permission to other users to carry out or approve the integrations

Small Google Tag Manager glossary

Google Tag Manager account: This is the maximum level, and one account per organization is recommended

Containers: A container can be a website, or a mobile application. One account can have many containers

Label: It is the code of the application that you want to integrate, and that you will add in Google Tag Manager (for example: Google Analytics). A container has many labels.

Label Activator: It is the event that happens for the tag to fire. For example, if a person visits the “thank you for leaving us your details” page, the “Google Ads conversion” tag will be activated. Finally, a tag can have more than one trigger.

How to create a Google Tag Manager account

Go to with a Google account. The creation is very simple, you just have to enter the name of your account, and your country

How to integrate with CWT

When creating a container, Google Tag Manager will inform you of the respective tag that you must paste on your website.

In the case of CWT Advertising, you only need the ID of the container you created (ID format: GTM-XXXX).

Add the container ID in CWT Advertising

  • Go to “Settings-> Integrations and Apps”

  • Select “Google Tag Manager”, then edit, and copy the container ID you created.

With this operation, you have completed the integration of Google Tag Manager in CWT Advertising. All the rest of the configurations can already be done within the Google Tag Manager platform.

If you want to go deeper, we recommend reading this article that the CWT development team has created on this topic.