Now you can sell more with TODOPAGO in your online store - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

CWT Advertising included the possibility that online stores make their payments with TODOPAGO. Know its advantages and how to include it in your shopping cart.We know that making it easier for your customers to pay for their purchases is essential to the success of your online store. That is why CWT Advertising offers multiple means of payment for you to choose which ones you will use on your site. Today, we have added ALL PAID, which managed by PRISMA (the alliance between Visa and Banelco), is a means of payment in full growth, characterized by the possibility that you sell in 12 installments without interest, and that has the lowest commissions in the market for sellers.

How to activate TODOPAGO in CWT Advertising

Activate it in the Store section -> Payment and Shipping -> Payment methods


When entering the specific TODOPAGO configuration, you will only have to load this data:
Merchant ID (Merchant ID) Y Credentials (API Keys).
This information can be obtained by registering on the TodoPago page and entering your account details.


Use Testing Credentials for your tests

If you want to make a transaction on your entire site without consuming money on your credit card before finally enabling the service, you can do it by clicking on “Public credentials”, that way the fields will not be completed. of commerce and credentials with test data.

test-credentials at todopago

How will your customers see the option of TODOPAGO?

When your users enter the payment method in their purchases, they will see this new alternative, and CWT Advertising will automatically show you the cards that TODOPAGO includes.

how to pay with all payments

In case you opt for this new functionality, and once you press “Pay” the system will redirect you to the TodoPago portal so that you can enter your card details there and finalize the transaction.

payment within all payment