Now you have Open-Xchange in your account - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
With more than 100 million users worldwide, Open-Xchange is an Open Source platform, meaning that it has the advantage of being open source, which allows it to have a high degree of security, high reliability, and very Good user experience.Open-Xchange provides users with functionalities such as Email, Contact Management or Calendar and Tasks.

CWT Advertising began incorporating Open-Xchange by providing its customers with a world class webmail, and we automatically integrate it to users who can already use it! If you still can’t see it in your webmail, don’t despair, the updates will be done gradually.

How the integration of CWT Advertising and Open-Xchange works

Everyone can automatically access their Open Xchange webmail from the administration of their Website without making any additional configuration. Simply enter your webmail from the browser, or click on the WEBMAIL button from your list of email accounts in CWT Advertising.

Open-Xchange contains a modern interface and adaptable to all types of devices, which will simplify your work, thus gaining productivity and simplicity in tasks! Finally, it should be noted that OX has mobile applications that you can download, with which it is possible to access its functionality, and of course, read and send emails.