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For a few months, Chrome showed that it would dispense with the navigation shortcut within web pages which allowed it to return to the previous page -value redundancy- with just pressing the delete key or “backspace”, yes, provided it was not writing Rather, it is the same as the key pointing to the left that accompanies the URL bar.

It was a practical and intuitive feature, but according to Google, it was only used by 0.04% of Chrome users, and even more terrible, sometimes it caused problems when completing web forms because an equivocal cursor accommodation and an erroneous click were enough on the keyboard to execute the “return” and lose all the progress in the fields.

Well, to make everyone happy, Google’s people have launched a browser extension, Go Back With Backspace, to bring back such functionality while maintaining the original features: It does not work on system pages (the ones that start with “chrome: //”) and does not give problems when writing. Of course, it is necessary to accept the access permissions to all navigation to make it work.

The people of Google assure that the latter is not fatal but simply a requirement of the extension which should include a small piece of code in all the pages visited to enable the action of the shortcut. By the way, as we said at the time, it is not the only extension that performs the task, but it stands out as an official tool, from Google.

Link: Go Back With Backspace in the Chrome Web Store

Source: Wwwhatsnews