Old adwords ads will no longer be created in January 2017 - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

adThe classic adwords ad consisting of a short phrase such as a title, a url and a brief description also has its days counted.

Earlier this year Google presented expanded text ads, consisting of two titles and a larger description, as shown in the right section of the top screenshot. These ads will be the only ones, within the text category, that can be created from the Google platform from January 31, 2017, so the old ones cannot be edited or, of course, created, they can only be deleted to create new ones

In the note, Google indicates that we have 50% more space to be able to explain the service offered on the Internet, obtaining up to 20% more clicks on them, according to some advertisers.

It is clear that we are talking about more area for ads, and if we take into account that they appear just after Google search, it will mean that the organic content will shift slightly downwards, a trend in constant growth.

What is clear is that online advertising has to be reinvented, and Google has an extremely important role in that task.