OnCrawl Onpage SEO Analysis Tool Test 2020 -

Today, let’s take a look at an unknown but promising SEO optimization tool: OnCrawl. This tool officially launched in April 2015 by the French startup Cogniteev intends to compete with market players like Botify or DeepCrawl…

OnCrawl is a semantic SaaS crawler that explores the entire content of a site. This cloud-based solution is very simple to use: just enter a URL, start the audit, analyze and optimize.

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You thus have access to a complete analysis taking into account the following SEO elements:

  • Tags: titles, descriptions, H1, H2 tags, etc. ;
  • Performance: loading time, weight, distribution per page, etc. ;
  • Architecture: internal structure, inbound and outbound links, popularity feed, etc. ;
  • Content: duplications, number of words, n-grams.

OnCrawl thus allows you to acquire a complete knowledge of the performance of a website from a technical point of view, but also in terms of content. The tool thus offers a complete audit to detect the strengths and weaknesses of its site in terms of SEO. The tool is able to crawl millions of pages quickly by adapting to sites of different sizes such as media or e-commerce sites, but also to smaller sites.

Thanks to the data export, it is easier to work on your SEO upstream.

OnCrawl onpage SEO analysis tool test

Flagship features

OnCrawl differs from its competitors by analyzing content, especially duplicate and close content.

Detection of page groups with similar or duplicated content


OnCrawl displays pages with duplicate or similar content in groups. E-commerce sellers, for example, often face duplicate content issues due to filter and search options, categorized structures, pagination, printable versions, multilingual sites, etc. These duplicate pages have a negative impact on the ranking on search engines. From now on, users can easily detect and resolve these duplication problems when they arise, for example by recalibrating their content management system.

Analysis of the distribution of the number of words and average number of words per page

word count seo

OnCrawl now offers the possibility of analyzing the number of words per page and therefore of detecting, then eliminating or enriching pages with low content. Google recommends writing articles longer than 800 words, because rich content ranks better in search engine results and brings better conversion rates as well as more qualified prospects.

Conversely, weak content with less than 150 words brings no added value and is often excluded from search results. And in many cases, articles under 150 words face a very high bounce rate.

ngram seo oncrawl
OnCrawl is capable of extracting the best keywords and text sequences found on a site. In other words, OnCrawl detects which keywords a site is likely to rank well for. This allows an SEO or content manager to find flaws and then act on them by adapting their content strategy if necessary.


With this tool, the startup wants to make SEO audits on servers accessible to small and medium-sized businesses, at a moderate price. Indeed, these methods were previously reserved for large companies with a significant SEO budget. With a formula starting at 9.90 euros, OnCrawl is far more competitive than Botify in particular. It also offers customized and tailor-made crawls for large sites.

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There are two solutions available to you for testing the tool: subscribe to a plan and take advantage of all the features for free for one month or have a free trial, but with limited access to information (and in particular the impossibility of extracting the data).