Optimize your images for SEO 2020 -

Have you ever wondered if the visuals on your site generated traffic? Besides the aesthetic aspect and the breath of fresh air they bring to reading, they may well attract more visitors than you think; hence the interest in optimizing them for search engines. A good image optimization could well take you to the top of the ranking and generate leads…

  • The file name (image.jpg for example) must include the keywords of your image.
  • The ALT text is the alternative text for the image. Use this space to describe in a few words your image and especially make sure to place the keywords previously used.
  • Precede the image of keywords in bold in the text. Indeed, the engines would consider that an image is linked to a context and therefore to the words which surround it.
  • Use the legend image to integrate keywords.

In a few words, do not neglect your images because they could bring you more traffic.

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