At a time when 92% * of international consumers trust viral media such as word of mouth, recommendations from relatives … and more than for any other form of communication, it is becoming strategic for marketing managers. appropriate techniquesInbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing or Inbound Marketing is a set of techniques which aim to generate positive, spontaneous or natural conversations on its brands on social networks and other personal spaces, consumer opinions and comments.

3 Inbound Marketing techniques:

# 1: Produce and distribute infographics or opinion surveys:

The principle is to take bias to promote your brand in universes where it is legitimate. The promotion of the content is then carried out using media with a natural potential for viralization on the Web or other media. The 2 supports presented below overlap this definition: computer graphics and opinion polls. Infographics are visual and ordered syntheses of a subject or theme. The big web media portals produce them regularly because they have many advantages:

  • They position the company and the brand as an expert;
  • They are sources of significant visibility for their producer;
  • They can generate a favorable buzz, even repeats in the press;
  • They promote natural referencing by the spontaneous generation of inbound links to the page of its site hosting the computer graphics.

An example of infographic carried out on health reimbursement by the Humanis Health group

The other possible support is opinion polls. More expensive, this medium offers greater “print” media coverage and is likely to reach a target audience that is more general and less connected than for computer graphics. Example: On Valentine’s Day, the dating site disseminated the result of an Ifop survey on European singles.

# 2: Organize “Pay with a tweet / Facebook like or +1” operations

Another original way to promote your brand is to offer something by asking the beneficiary in return for voluntary action on social networks (tweet, like etc …). The advantage of this technique is that it promotes the development of likely positive conversations about the brand or service. The action on the social network can then in turn generate traffic on your product / service (a facebook user has on average 177 friends on the social network).

# 3: make video marketing

Latest technique to generate spontaneous traffic, stage its products or services in the form of videos. Although it is the images that generate the most engagement on social networks, the media that is most shared is video **. Not only do videos stand out in search results and help with SEO, but they are also a great way to demonstrate your customer promise. The American brand of Mixers Blendtec generated more than 4 million views on some of its “Will it Blend” videos by demonstrating its products.

The principle is to find a creative bias to promote its products / services while managing to get rid of the classic commercial discourse.

And do you know of other accessible inbound marketing techniques to increase web traffic at a lower cost?

* Source: 2012 Nielsen study “global trust in advertising” ** Source: 2012 Socialbaker study