Even with deconfinement in some countries like England, the Covid-19 continues to spread. Several brands have not hesitated to help patients, companies and associations to fight the pandemic.

Brand strategy facing Covid-19

To encourage them to stay at home, to implement barrier gestures or simply raise awareness about the Covid-19 pandemic, brands have implemented several strategies, in their own way.

Webmarketing training

After Burger King and his huge sombrero, Old Navy and its very artistic strategy, or even Heinz and its puzzle, Lacoste decided to launch a special polo shirt in limited edition: the “L.12.12 Polo Merci”.

This is a limited edition polo shirt, in a small cotton pique, with an embroidered heart around the brand’s emblematic green crocodile pattern and a mother-of-pearl button collar.

Lacoste opts for a message of gratitude

Lacoste wanted to thank all the volunteers and non-profit organizations who worked during the pandemic, and support those who work for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Sales of this limited edition will be donated 100% to the International Red Cross.

The embroidered red heart is also a message of gratitude to the workers at the Lacoste factory who produced more than 200,000 masks throughout the crisis.