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This will not be a typical welcome text on an advertising agency website. We will not write here about how good we are (although we are), or about the fact that we offer comprehensive services (although we do it), or how much experience we have (10 years in the industry). None of these things. CWT Advertising Agency in Essex will tell you what your money will go to.

Ready? Let’s start.

You just launched your first company and look forward to customers. Or you have been doing business for some time, but you have fewer and fewer customers. You think that you will design a free company website, create a Facebook profile and start your business. But it doesn’t move! So you are looking for an advertising agency that could help you. If you call us, we’ll start by flooding you with questions. Forgive.

We will ask, among others, if you need:

  • Company name – we can come up with it for you,
  • Company logos – thanks to this your business will be better recognized by customers,
  • Internet domain, i.e. website address – we can sell or rent it to you at a competitive price,
  • Website hosting – without it, the website simply does not exist on the web, and we offer very affordable prices for good quality hosting.

We have a domain, we have hosting, you have chosen the name yourself or together with us. Now we can start preparing the website.

Before we start designing a website, we will discuss with you:

  • Page colours,
  • Site navigation – i.e. types of subpages/bookmarks (e.g. offer, about us, opinions, references, gallery, contact),
  • Additional plugins – e.g. price calculator,
  • Deadline for completing the order.

Then a team of our specialists will take you to work. After talking to you, our copywriter will prepare content for the website. Will write all the texts that are to be in the tabs. It will also consider keywords that are necessary for proper positioning of the page in the Google search engine. Because, contrary to what you initially thought, the site is not just to look nice. She is to provide your company with as many customers as possible. And this will only be possible if it is well prepared.

Therefore, your original website will work on:

  • A copywriter who, using experience, knowledge and modern tools, will prepare interesting and comprehensive texts, full of the right keywords,
  • A graphic designer who will prepare the original logo and website design,
  • And a programmer who will make your website appear as it was planned.

While working on your site, all our specialists will consult you all the time. Yes. You guess well. They will call you, write emails and ask, ask, ask, and in case of your doubts explain and explain why something looks this way. And to improve everything that belongs.

Only being in constant contact with you can we prepare a website that will meet your needs and at the same time provide you with regular customers.

Maintenance. The site is ready, but this is not the end of our work. Now CWT Advertising Agency will take care of its positioning. Keywords alone are not enough.

What we do to make you constantly visible on the internet:

  • The copywriter will regularly prepare entries for your company blog and sponsored articles that we will publish on industry or local websites,
  • We will create your company’s profile on Facebook, and we will regularly post entries in it,
  • We will deal with whisper marketing, including on forums and on social media,
  • We’ll create an entry in Google Maps,
  • We will prepare a promotional video.

What else can CWT Advertising Agency Essex do for you:

  • Prepare an advertising campaign in AdWords that can give you a high place in Google search results,
  • Create a promotional video based on a drone recording,
  • Develop and commission printing of leaflets, business cards, banners and car ads,
  • Offer a website prepared based on one of our templates – it is a cheaper and faster solution than a website built from scratch.

We could mention many other things here, but for what. Just call us or write. We will certainly be able to help you!

How can we help you? We get to know each other very well.

I want to sell more than ever

I have a thriving business, but I want to reach new clients who do not yet know my products and services. I want a comprehensive service from A to Z. I hope that you will deal with positioning, advertising on Google and social media channel.

I need a new website

Until now, my business did not need a website, but time for changes. I have already seen your portfolio and I know that you can handle my project too. I have some of my ideas and I’m curious how you see them.

I have a site not adapted to mobile devices

My website is a good few years old and draws on technologies that do not support mobile devices. When I open it on my tablet or smartphone, the content and photos are hard to read. I care about the project in accordance with the latest standards.

I need a logo, business cards and letterhead

I already have a company, but I need substantive support in the field of visual identity project. I care about a simple, legible logotype that reflects the nature of my business and basic advertising materials such as business cards and leaflets.

I want to sell more than ever

I have a thriving business, but I want to reach new clients who do not yet know my products and services. I want a comprehensive service from A to Z. I hope that you will deal with positioning, advertising on Google and social media.

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