paid referencing to boost your activity 2020 -

1 / Definition of objectives, performance indicators and budget

The first step is to define together the objectives that you want to achieve with your SEA campaigns (reputation, traffic, sales, drive to store, etc.), which then makes it possible to determine the performance indicators that will be followed. Finally, you tell us the budget you want to allocate to your campaigns.

2 / Account structure, campaigns and ad groups

The structure of your account in Google AdWords is essential to the effectiveness and success of your paid SEO campaign. We therefore set up a structure allowing your keywords and your advertisements to coincide as closely as possible. We determine your bid strategy according to your objectives and also distribute your budget by campaign at this time.

3 / Writing ads and selecting keywords

By studying the market, your competitors and your products / services as well as your objectives, we choose the key queries on which you want to position yourself, determine their relevance and write the ads.

4 / Campaign monitoring and optimization

Once the ads have started, you should fine-tune the performance of your campaigns as you go. To do this, we regularly analyze account data and performance indicators to refine bid strategies and budgets.

5 / Report

According to your expectations, we regularly publish reports that we present to you orally so that we can also adapt the SEA strategy according to the evolution of your activity.