Place your virtual store wherever you want, and multiply your sales - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

E-commerce grows year after year by leaps and bounds, and consumers are eager to get excellent deals and products online. Including your shopping cart items on any page of your website is an excellent opportunity to increase your sales. Meet the new functionality of CWT Advertising to achieve it.The e-commerce numbers impress. According to a report by the Latin American Institute of Electronic Commerce, Internet purchases reach US $ 70,000 million a year in Latin America.

Statistics show this growth in all countries. In Colombia, for example, in 2015 sales in virtual stores reached US $ 3,100 million, with a growth of 18% compared to the previous year. In Argentina, according to the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce, online shoppers in 2015 came to represent 77% of Internet users, that is, 17.7 million people.

This constant growth is accompanied by developments in the web pages that drive development. Shopping cart trends vary as the values, tastes and possibilities that technologies offer change.

Do not sell in one place, sell in all!

While a shopping cart is the unavoidable place for your sales, don’t limit yourself to this alternative.CWT Advertisinghas included a new functionality, which allows Include the product catalog on any page of your website.

include catalog in many pages

With this new solution, your chances of getting new customers and revenue multiply. You can insert them on the main page, in a contact form, or on a specific page where you show the photos and testimonials of your satisfied customers.

Includes the “Product Gallery” Control

Simply edit or create a new page, and drag the PRODUCT GALLERY control. If you already have products in your catalog, some will be displayed on your page automatically.

control product gallery in simple sites

How to choose a specific product category

On many occasions, it will be more convenient to focus on a particular category, related to the content of the website where you incorporate the gallery.

include a specific category of shopping cart

How to include a set of specific products

If you want to be even more specific, we recommend using the “Selected Products” option, where you will indicate which items in your catalog will be displayed. This alternative is – for example – ideal on a page where you show a famous person using an article like the one you offer

include specific products for sale we