Prepare your website to make it amazing at these parties - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

November begins and we all wonder at some point how the year has passed so quickly. Gone are the winter vacations (it seems they were yesterday, right?), Photos of beach vacations and the busy work calendar.

Today with Christmas and New Year almost on our heels, it is time to think about our customers and give our website those perfect details that evoke the magic of the family gathered at the table, the boys anxiously waiting for gifts and the birth of new goals and projects for the coming year.

In CWT Advertising We want to give you the best tips and recommendations for your website to shine with its own light!

1. Renew and dazzle by changing the Template for the holidays!

The first alternative you can perform is to fully dress your website with a festive tone.

For that, choose a template from the “Holiday Dates” category

You can keep it until the first days of 2017, and then return to your usual design without difficulty, or need for additional configurations.


2. Add a Christmas Video background

You can add a Christmas background video such as a song, a festive clip, or a video with an institutional message from your company greeting all customers and visitors.

According to your tastes, the video can occupy the entire screen, or a specific portion of your website.


3. Add a Christmas slider

If you have a slider on your website, you can modify the images to suit the parties.

If you don’t have it, it may be a good opportunity to add it! The moving images are beautiful, capture the attention of visitors and communicate the best ideas.


Don’t worry about how to get the pictures! CWT Advertising has a free image bank, where you will find multiple alternatives. As he himself is English, remember to search for: “Christmas”.

How can you do it ?:

Create amazing slider with images, text and transitions

Thousands of free photos for your Website

4. Decorate with Music!

If you prefer to keep your usual design, you can attract your customers from other senses!

Choose an attractive song, and put it in the background of your page

How can you do it ?:

Add music to your Website.