Product Management Instructions - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Product Management is the main task you will have to do in your store, as it will allow you to show all your catalog to the community.

1. Before You Begin

Prior to loading, it is important that:

– You have created the categories (see the instructions for more help)

– Have Photos and / or videos of good quality

2.How to enter the Product Administration?

You must go with your user to:

– Store (in the top menu)
– Catalogue
– Products

3. How to register a product?

It is very simple! Press “Create Product”, and a screen like the following will appear

a) Name and Short Description

The “Name” is the first thing your visitors will see in the online store.

The “Short Description” is also important, as it adds additional information. Keep in mind that when a user makes a search in the shopping cart, the system checks that there is an article about these two fields, so it is very useful to set synonyms in “Short Description”
A concrete example?

A company that sells furniture registered this product with the name “Placard with 5 doors and 2 drawers”. In Short Description he added “Wardrobe 5 doors and 2 drawers”. Thus he managed to make the article appear both when his clients look for “closet”, and when they look for “wardrobe”

b) Price, Offers and Stock

The next step is the charge of the price.

In this screen you can also enter the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), which refers to the unique number that this product may have in other computer systems of your company, such as stock or billing

Once you complete the price, you are enabled with new options: “On Sale”, and “Stock”

If you enable “On Sale”, a new field will be displayed for you to complete the promotional price. (Learn more about Products on offer in your store)

If you enable “Stock”, you can enter the initial stock, which will be updated with each sale.

Regarding this topic, our system allows you to configure:

– If the available stock of each product is shown to your customers

– If a product without stock continues to appear, or disappears from the catalog.

Note of Variants: Within Price, you will see that there is also the concept “Variants”, which refers to products that have different sizes, or numbers, or colors, or any other possible configuration. Also for this topic we recommend the respective documentation, in case it is useful to your online store.

c) Images

You can register many images. Choose them from your PC or from a specific URL if it is loaded on the Internet

Where you want the main image to be, select the star to appear in yellow.

d) Videos

If you have a video of your product, it is a great idea to upload it to YouTube, to share the visualization with the visitors who see your article.

and) Categories

Finally, you must indicate to which categories this new product belongs

Click on the category text field, and all the ones you have loaded into the system will be displayed for you to add.

Remember that you can add several categories to the same product.

4. Modification of a product

To change any loaded data, you must edit the specific product.

Find it in the corresponding grid and click on “Edit”

If you can’t find it, click on the Search magnifying glass to write part or all of its name and find it

5. Remove a product

In case you want to permanently remove an item from your cart, choose the “3 points”, to the right of Edit, and then “Remove this product”

6. Duplicate a product

In case an article is very similar to another, you can choose “Duplicate it”, and then edit the new copied product, if you think it will speed up your loading process.