Put music to your website! - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

How many times did you think about putting music to your website? One, two, three, thousands …

If you are one of the many users that I was hoping to do, you will surely be happy to receive this news: the team of CWT Advertising has already launched the possibility of adding audio tracks and playlists of Soundcloud to your website

In addition, the control we incorporate automatically adapts to mobile phones and tablets. Are you happy? Start enjoying it by sharing the music you like best in your website!

Add an audio track or SoundCloud playlist

one. From the SoundCloud page, copy the URL of the track or playlist you wish to insert into CWT Advertising. You can do it by copying it from the browser or by clicking on the SHARE button of SoundCloud.

image (37)

image (36)

two. Then, in the administration of CWT Advertising, you must edit an existing page or create a new one, and take control of SoundCloud from the Multimedia control group.

image (35)

3. Now you can edit the control by clicking on the pencil (just as you do with any editable control).


Four. In the edition, you have to enter the URL (or embed code, if you obtained it from SoundCloud), lose the focus of the text input control (by pressing TAB or clicking somewhere else on the screen), wait for CWT Advertising recognizes it, and press ACCEPT.

image (33)

Ready! your Web page You already have your control to play music, adaptable to mobile devices and tablets. Are you dancing with happiness?