Ready for the digital transformation of the customer journey? 2020 -

ATAWAD: Anytime Anywhere Anydevice, welcome to the era of digital transformation! This subject is now ingrained in everyone’s mind, especially since the Internet forced them to review their business model. Digital is everywhere and has changed the customer journey irreversibly. Now, the consumer chooses the relationship he wants to establish with a brand and does not hesitate to break it if it no longer suits him. In fact, 90% of consumers are ready to abandon a brand when they consider themselves disappointed with the quality of customer service …

So let’s see how the digital transformation has transformed the customer journey.

Basically, digital transformation, what does it mean?

Digital transformation is adapt its business model to make it more efficient, more efficient and closer to its customers thanks to digital.

To succeed in your digital transformation, a key is essential: proximity to his client. And to tie this precious link, you must have a perfect knowledge of the purchasing process of his client to offer him a real experience.

In this area, it is e-commerce sites that have been pioneers. They have reinvented the way of consuming Internet users by allowing them to make purchases via a new channel. However, this digital channel is no more than one of the tools that digital transformation represents today. Today the client is omnichannel! In fact, almost 80% of customers carry out online tracking before a purchase in store.

A digital customer journey

Today more than ever, with the advent of social networks and smartphones, we are becoming more and more demanding. We want a brand to be very responsive and to personalize its speech according to our expectations and the media channels on which we interact with it. We are witnessing a real upheaval of attitudes. Companies must now understand multiple interactions, which make the competitive battle even more complex. With the increase in available channels, the balance of power between a customer and a brand has been reversed. It is the consumer who leads the way and who chooses when he wishes to open the dialogue. In this context, the notion of personalization and recognition of Internet browsing becomes paramount. But then, how to succeed in your digital transformation?

Humanize the digital relationship!

We end up forgetting that the human being is above all the one who will use and consume your products and services. Il is at the heart of the success of your digital transformation. So, to seduce and retain them, focus on their consumer experience. Respond to his shortcomings, fill his expectations, give him answers when he needs them, be innovative and get involved in a close relationship. Give your customers a unique experience with your brand: think more than ever “Consumer centric”. You will see, with these tips, you will build a lasting and solid relationship with your audience. The digital transformation will allow you to facilitate the understanding of the purchasing paths of your prospects and will give you the technical keys to adapt to this new culture.

Think omnichannel

If you have one thing to take away from this article, it’s that consumers now have omnichannel routes! So, to generate their engagement, you must take into consideration and analyze their journeys on each channel to have a global vision of their expectations. In this way, you will be in able to establish precise profiles which will allow you to offer them targeted and personalized offers. The goal here is to create a collusive relationship over the long term. The more your audience will feel that you are listening to it – and this, on any channel – the more they will be attached to your brand! So what are you waiting for?