Relationship is a fundamental part of life in society and in the business world it defines successes and failures, which make this professional “foundation” so important that big names, those we read and use as a primer in college, have created the concept of marketing of relationship.Want to promote your business and increase your sales? Get Digital Marketing tips in your email. Apply results-giving techniques used by us and our customers. Subscribe below:

Marketing of relationship

O marketing of relationship It encompasses those actions of the company aimed at providing a positive, lasting and of course profitable relationship with its customers, suppliers, employees, partners and all those involved in the business. It’s like the beautiful smile in the photo, makes people feel good, inspired, arouses longings.

In the book “Marketing Management,” one of the industry gurus, Philip Kotler defines content marketing as the practice of building long-term, satisfying relationships with those involved in the business to retain their preference.

Who does relationship marketing

The most beloved brands in the world use their gigantic structures all to reinforce the relationship with their customers. Apple with its devotion to UI Design and UX Design – know what it is this here – Nike and Adidas with the ubiquity in sports arenas, the streets, social networks and traditional media, Coca-Cola’s eternal work to be considered a water substitute when we think of drinks.

This orientation of these big names is always seeking to reinforce not only the brand, but the experience before and after consuming their products and services. Or haven’t you realized that if Google makes you understand them as synonymous with the internet, it will make their business even more profitable?

Of course, the marketing of relationship It is a possible concept also for smaller structures and many people already adopt some practices without realizing it, without strategy.

Importance Of Having Relationship Marketing Strategy

Having strategy is critical to business and to truly embrace the marketing of relationship, you need to set goals, plan yourself, set execution, and measure results.

Our goal in this post is not to be a book about relationship marketing, because for that we can indicate indispensable authors who approach the concept, as the aforementioned Kotler, besides Peter Drucker, Regis McKenna, Itzhak Meir Bogmann, among others. The idea here is to arouse the need to start relating and building customer loyalty.

This importance is reinforced by sales specialists like Ciro Bottini of the blog. You Seller. Bottini bets on cultivating relationships an essential practice for be a good seller.

To think strategically about relationship marketing is to define each action keeping in mind what its goal is. Inserting the concept into digital marketing, it’s no use creating wonderful posts on social networks if they don’t have weight, purpose.

The National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC) has an interesting video for those who want to better understand the importance of relationship marketing in business:

Digital marketing is relationship marketing

Despite theorists’ frequent obsession with “naming” everything, the practices and tools adopted make it easy to see that digital marketing is exactly relationship marketing.

A company creates content to help people and provide a positive experience that makes the customer return, either after signing up to receive news by email, downloading a helpful material or video, among other ways. The goal, of course, is to become useful to the point of awakening in that potential customer the need to consume the products or contract the services of the company.

The advantage of using digital marketing to enhance and strengthen customer relationships is the investment required, far less than traditional means. But how to use digital tools in relationship marketing strategy? We enumerate some points:

  • Interactive Communication:

    Digital resources enable this frequent interaction, with posts on social networks and, for example, marketing on Facebook.

  • Reliability, consistency and security:

    These values ​​are noticeable because of the customer’s proximity to a company, the frequency of interaction and the quality of the information offered has the ability to bring the customer closer and offer services that are totally information-based, as Inbound Marketing preaches. And any company can adopt the methodology, regardless of size!

  • Always preserve the company in customer memory and keep in touch:

    In addition to digital media, email marketing is a great tool for keeping in touch with customers. According to Ascend2, most people (85%) sign up to receive email from brands looking for advantages. 39.3% of them because they needed to do this to complete a task. Having a good CRM system is also important.

If you have questions about how to run marketing of relationship coupled with digital tools, check out the case of one of our customers, the Ford Superauto dealer network. Oh, and rest assured, we’ll talk more about it soon, but you can leave your comments and suggestions there, it will be a pleasure to answer them!

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