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The E-marketing fair returns from July 7 to 9 at the Porte de Versailles (Paris). As every year, marketing professionals meet to discuss the latest marketing trends, meet new partners and providers and much more! This year, sustainable communication and the impact on the environment will be highlighted, in particular via purpose driven marketing …

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A word from Ghislaine de Chambine, Director of the E-marketing fair

Chambers ghislaine emarketing salon

“At a time of (r) awakening of consumers who want more responsible, ecological and sustainable products and services, brands realize that they are evaluated according to their impact on the environment, good living, social equity, the common good, inclusion … The more they care about the planet, the quality of life, the more they increase the engagement of their customers and attract the attention of their prospects.

Purpose driven marketing, illustrated by several advertiser initiatives, indicates that sustainable development is an integral part of the marketing and communication strategy, not just an addition. “

The E-marketing conference program

Beyond the purpose marketing which will be the theme of the plenary, different subjects may interest you, we noted for example:

  1. How to succeed in your digital projects with freelancers;
  2. What if engagement was the best influence strategy;
  3. Google Bert: SEO / content best practices;
  4. What is artificial intelligence and how to use it right now on your data;
  5. Email marketing: 5 successful mechanics to get out of the shadows.

There is no shortage of conferences, as usual everyone will find interesting things depending on their current marketing issues.

What about the exhibitors?

Almost a hundred exhibitors will be there. This will be an opportunity for you to interact with them to advance your e-marketing strategy. Among them : Adobe, Verified opinion, Cision, CyberCité, Dolist, Full Performance, Meltwater, Plezi…

In practice

The e-marketing fair will take place from July 7 to 9, 2020 at Paris Porte de Versailles.

To get there you have line 12 (Porte de Versailles), buses 39 and 80 (Porte de Versailles / Parc des expositions) or tram T2 and T3 (Porte de Versailles / Parc des expositions).

Registration is 100% free, no reason to skip it 🙂

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