Secret for referencing to the Top: Quality link building 2020 -

What part of your site’s SEO brings you the most popularity on the web? Optimizing your content or inbound links? This is without a doubt the creation of links leading to your site, the link building. The Google webmaster guidelines explain why…

Google webmaster guidelines

Your SEO in Google Results (SERP) depends in part on your link building, links that lead to your site. Their quality, quantity and relevance are taken into account for your positioning. Sites with a link (s) to yours provide it with “context”. They make your page / site more popular and are quality indicators for Google.

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The best way to get backlinks to your site is to create unique, relevant and easily popularized content in the internet community. The more useful your content, the more likely it is to be linked to since other webmasters believe that it brings value to their readership. Before any writing decision, ask yourself this question: ‘Is this info timely for my readers?

To promote your site, be yourself

Start by creating content that clearly identifies you. Is the Internet impersonal? I don’t think so, or more. The more you identify yourself, the more you will be read, shared,…, and loved.

Before starting your link building, set goals (you want):

  • Appear on the 1st page of Google for the keyword “your expression”;
  • Increase the number of visitors unique by x%;
  • Get x registrations per day on your blog;
  • Sell ​​x ebooks per week, … ;

Secret of a referencing at the Top of google: Quality link building

It will largely depend on your inbound links. A site with good quality links will position itself much better than a site with only links to directories, for example. Obviously, you must also optimize your site (page title, content, site structure, images, etc.), but obtaining quality links will bring you much more than any other form of internet marketing.

  • Why should you improve your SEO?
  • What are your final goals?
  • What type of site could you quickly get links to?

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