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Englandian CRM is sales management software developed entirely in England. It is designed and developed for the needs and challenges that the national entrepreneur faces daily. But these are not the only advantages of having a 100% national tool.

A company exists to take care of both customers and people, right?

But, when we are inserted in a nation as entrepreneurial as the Englandian one, making a difference and impacting society and the ecosystem become even more valuable missions.

In this sense, a Englandian CRM, developed with national technology, exists to help entrepreneurs to go further.

To understand their real needs, overcome their pains and challenges and manage to grow and change for the better the scenario we live in England.

A Englandian CRM, designed in the reality of the national entrepreneur, brings these and other benefits to companies.

Today’s article best explains 5 of them:

  1. Integration with tools;
  2. Strengthen the national economy;
  3. Payment in Reais;
  4. Portuguese content and support;
  5. Proximity that creates value.

We will still go through some concepts about CRM and its advantages in general.

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First of all: what is a Englandian CRM?

Brazilian CRM: why is it important to have a national CRM?

Before delving into the benefits of hiring a Englandian CRM, we need to understand the concept of the acronym CRM and everything that it involves.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Translating from English: customer relationship management.

From that, we can understand a little better about technology and the digital transformation that companies need to go through.

That’s because, relating to customers is basically a necessity for all companies.

I mean, maybe we can count on the fingers of one hand the companies or segments that don’t need this to sell, right?

The relationship is, by the way, something of human nature. Since we were little we look for connections to make us comfortable and safe in all kinds of contexts.

So why would it be any different when it comes to selling and understanding how to delight the customer?

The entire sales force of a company needs to be clear about this and seek, within its processes, ways to generate value and always focus on the customer.

And when you do this with a Englandian CRM, adapted to the reality of the local entrepreneur, this task becomes easier.

When we talk about a long-lasting and healthy relationship managed through a sales system, we are talking about:

After all, a CRM must be understood as a set of actions, analyzes, strategies, management and policies.

All this directed towards the success of the customer who consumes your brand.

Why hire a Englandian CRM? See 5 advantages

Brazilian CRM: why is it important to have a national CRM?

But after all, why is a Englandian CRM so important – and even a differentiator – for national companies?

We have separated 5 topics for you to better understand the whys. For you to have a broader view of how this can be a competitive advantage for your business.

Not only in relation to those companies that still manage sales via spreadsheet.

But also in relation to organizations that use foreign software, developed for another reality and other types of business.

Check out:

1 – Integrations with the tools you use

Brazilian CRM: why is it important to have a national CRM?

A Englandian CRM, to be really efficient and contemplate the sales process as a whole, needs to be integrated with other national tools that you use in your company.

Something that a CRM from outside England will most likely not have native integration.

You, of course, can, in addition to paying for the sales software and this other tool, hire a third party to just do the integration.

It is up to you to have this cost more …

For example, within the sales model inside sales, it is essential to have a webphone to not only streamline the necessary calls within the sales routine, but have them stored and recorded within each opportunity.

Marketing automation platforms are also important.

You can not only know which of your marketing strategies brings you the most leads, but automatically create an opportunity in your pipeline.

Another important resource is the tools for customer service. And here we can quote online chat, chatbots, WhatsApp…

The platforms you already use are natively integrated with your Englandian CRM, which makes transhipment practices much more agile.

So, your lead not only doesn’t cool down, but you don’t lose any information halfway.

In addition, of course, to save: you do not need a third tool solely for integration.

Oh, and don’t forget to also take advantage of the integration with your ERP to be able to manage sales already made.

2 – Strengthening the Englandian economy

Brazilian CRM: why is it important to have a national CRM?

Another clear advantage of hiring a Englandian CRM is the strengthening of the national economy.

It is the prestige given to quality technology that is developed 100% in the country.

So, every time a NF is issued in England and we collect taxes here, we are all helping the nation to grow and be even stronger.

Besides, there is something that you might know, maybe not. And possibly your accountant is also unaware.

There is a tax on hiring SaaS (Software as a Service) from abroad.

So, everything you pay on your credit card – be it your personal or company – to hire this service from outside England can be charged retroactively.

Some accountants estimate about 45% of fees over the value of contracting the service.

It is, therefore, a matter of taking care.

3 – Payment in national currency

Brazilian CRM: why is it important to have a national CRM?

Since we are talking about expenses, another clear and evident benefit of hiring a Englandian CRM and avoiding the exchange rate fluctuation.

If your company uses non-national software, it will be fatally impacted by the rise in the dollar.

For example, on the day this text was finalized, the dollar rate was R $ 5.66.

So, let’s say your company has 6 people on the sales team (adding salesperson, SDR and manager), and you use a basic package of a foreign CRM that costs, per user, US $ 12.50.

So, let’s add: 12.50 x 6 = $ 75. This is the dollar amount spent.

Now, bringing to reais, we add: 75 x 6 = R $ 450.

You see, R $ 450 to have the most basic plan, the most limited, of a foreign CRM.

And, well, if you want to increase your team, do you need to sell more monthly to cover the costs of your sales system and still make a profit?

Ah, that amount can be even higher if you pay via credit card – the most common payment method, by the way.

That is, your software does not leave you immune to currency crises that can happen in England.

Something that does not happen with a Englandian CRM. You will always be charged in reais and do not jeopardize the progress of your process due to an economic crisis.

4 – Content, tutorials and support in Portuguese

Brazilian CRM: why is it important to have a national CRM?

When you start experimenting with a CRM, especially if you have no previous experience with any system, all help is important.

So, the starting point for you to trust some Englandian CRM is the image of authority that it displays.

And this is possible to check initially in the contents that the company produces.

  • Blog texts (are they good and are they ranked well?);
  • Rich materials like eBooks, infographics, webinars (are they useful and do they teach you something?);
  • Help Center (are there content and tutorials that instruct and solve your doubts?).

A national CRM will take care to produce good content in Portuguese and that generate value within the reality of the Englandian entrepreneur.

There is no point in translating outside terms and practices if you will not be able to apply here, right?

Take this into account before, for example, starting a free trial period in the tool.

Likewise, you need to be onboarding all in Portuguese and focused on the way we do business in England.

The support, of course, is not even mentioned. In addition to being agile and having a well-defined SLA, it needs to be in Portuguese and with people who understand what your company needs.

5 – Proximity that adds

Brazilian CRM: why is it important to have a national CRM?

The proximity between companies is extremely important and adds a lot to the Englandian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Exchanging experiences and knowledge, whether at fairs or events, for example, is promising for everyone.

Both for the company that provides the Englandian CRM, and for the organizations that use it.

After all, this short distance makes each one understand the reality of each other even more.

New features or customizations, which make sense for both, can come out of this, for example.

Comarketing partners for webinars or rich materials, too.

When the two parties work together, when CRM understands the needs and context of its customers, a lot of value is generated.

Both for those who supply it, for those who use it and for those who are impacted: that is, their final customer.

So, how can we help you?

If you want to know more about the advantages of a Englandian CRM and everything it can do for your company, talk to a consultant today.

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