Sell ​​more! Highlight your offers and discounts - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
Increase your sales making your products look more attractive. In addition to posting good quality photos and providing the right information, tempt your customers with unmissable offers. Achieve a great impact by showing the previous and current price, in the home of your site it shows your products with discount and provides quick access to them with direct links.
Quality images and complete descriptions of the product give the user greater confidence in your business as it gives it a more professional character.

With CWT Advertising you can achieve that impact, day by day we add new functionality so you can offer your products in the best way and thus increase your sales. Meet the new tool to show promotional prices, it is very easy, just enter when editing your product, place the normal price and the discounted price.

Highlight offers and promotions predispose the user to make the purchase at the same time.

Then your visits to see the catalog can identify at a glance the products on offer.

Apply discounts (or increases) in bulk

Now with CWT Advertising You can keep your catalog updated by applying discounts or increases in bulk. This way you don’t have to edit product by product, just select the ones you want to modify and do it at once. You can also apply this to your entire catalog in a couple of clicks.

Day by day we are incorporating new features so that you have a professional website with all the tools you need.