SEO for mobile sites 2020 -

Lior Levin, guest on Hubspot, shares his ideas on mobile research, which has increased considerably in recent years. In 5 years, the volume of research on portable terminals has been multiplied by 5. This development largely exceeds the growth rate on computer. And this number is not about to stop with the increasingly widespread adoption of smartphones.

Which means it’s time for the talented web marketing manager to develop a unique website optimization strategy for mobile viewing. Here are some points that seem important to emphasize:

  • Create content in mobile format

A website with long pages to load risks being penalized by the Panda because the speed of display is an important parameter for the optimization of the site in the SERP.

The keywords are not always the same between a query on mobile and another on computer. Google Keywords Tools offers a simple solution (and what’s more free) to visualize these differences. Please choose all mobile devices (all mobile devices) in the drop-down menu next to “Show ideas and statistics for“ (Show Ideas and Statistics for) in keyword research.

  • Optimize for predictive text input

Mobile Internet users are much more dependent on predictive (or intuitive) input than Internet users on screen and keyboard. It therefore becomes interesting to structure the keywords in order to anticipate the requests you are targeting. To do this, a search in your preferred engine will allow you to understand the suggestions.

  • Visibility on small screen

Please avoid these files which may hinder visibility and impoverish the user experience. For this, the use of Flash format, which cannot be read on iOs, and unreasonably large visuals must be banned. Let’s not forget that the HTML5 format offers a nice alternative in this.

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