What is responsive design and how to check website responsiveness

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Responsive design (adaptive) is a site design in which the site is rebuilt and / or scaled for different devices and screens.

The web resource adapts to the screen size without transferring to a separate address. This is the same content without abbreviations as on the main resource, simply laid out in a different order. This is convenient for the user and useful for search engine optimization: the convenience of using the site from mobile gadgets is a ranking factor.

It looks like this:

Responsive design can be done using free templates from the Internet or by creating your own version.

Adaptive Check

You can evaluate the responsiveness of a site using special services from search engines:

Google Optimization Check for Mobile and WebPageTest.
Checking mobile pages in Yandex.Webmaster.

Or using third-party services:


Read more about responsive design, its advantages and disadvantages in a special article about the convenience of sites for users of gadgets.