Google adsense – meaning of the term

AdSense – SEO WIKI

AdSense is Google’s automated contextual advertising system.

This service allows advertisers to place text or image advertisements on websites. In turn, owners of sites that will host AdSense ads will receive revenue for clicks and clicks on sponsored links.

Google AdSense has flexible settings. Advertising is shown only on thematic sites, that is, for example, a game-related advertising will be shown on a site about games, and not automotive or construction topics. At the same time, both webmasters and advertisers can view detailed statistics on clicks, visits, clicks, and so on.

Google AdSense service is free, so not only large companies can advertise products and services, but also small companies that are just starting their journey in business or want to market their product. All this allows you to effectively conduct an advertising campaign, focusing on targeted traffic and potential customers.

Google AdSense service denies registration to sites that contain pornographic materials that disseminate the ideas of terrorism and extremism, sites about drugs and alcohol.