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Affiliate – Yandex and Google search engine filter

Affiliate filter – SEO WIKI

An affiliate filter is the reaction of search engines to a large number of affiliate resources. It is imposed as a sanction and limits the display of affiliate sites in search results to only one. Overlay affiliation is most often done depending on certain groups of requests. For example, with some requests, one of the affiliates will be in the sickle, with others – the other.

But search engines do not always identify partner sites belonging to the same owner correctly. Sometimes an algorithm crashes due to the fact that it takes into account a number of factors during its operation, such as:

Domain name;
owner’s personal data – address, phone number (from whois);
address and telephone number of the site administration indicated in the contacts;
structure of the main page of the site and url of its internal pages;
content (text and graphic material, descriptions and names of goods);

Therefore, when sites of two different owners appear under the affiliate filter, it is necessary to analyze which of the listed factors could be the reason for such a search robot decision. After making the appropriate changes on one of the resources, usually after some time the filter is automatically removed. A faster way to solve the problem (and probably effective) is to contact search engine support specialists.