Yandex algorithm “Andromeda”

Andromeda – SEO WIKI

“Andromeda” is the Yandex algorithm that updated the search engine in November 2018.

Key updates for Yandex search introduced by Andromeda:

The quick answers that respond to the request directly in the SERP have become more diverse: with their help you can find out not only some fact, but detailed information about the events. For example, at the request “Spanish Championship” Yandex will show the standings and the schedule of the next matches, offer to watch the video and read the news.

The new ranking formula takes into account the quality of the information source to a greater extent: how well it answers the request, whether visitors who come once often return there, whether there is annoying advertising. Tags appeared in the issue that help the user with the choice: the most visited sites received the “Popular site” label, sites with a high level of engagement and loyalty – “User choice”. A special mark can be seen at official resources – banks and state portals.

Everything that the user finds in the Yandex search, he can save: links, movies, pictures, places. To do this, the Yandex.Collections service is launched, available on any device. In the service you can not only collect your collections, but also subscribe to others. Public collections are open right in the search.

For Yandex, Andromeda was a logical continuation of the policy of introducing its own services and retaining users within the search.