Bing is a search engine from Microsoft, safe and easy to use.


Bing is a search engine from Microsoft. Included in the TOP 5 of the most popular search engines in the world. The American search engine Bing has a classic interface for search engines with the ability to search by category: pictures, videos, maps, news. Here you can use Microsoft Office tools online, go to the corporation’s website, register an account and a mailbox on Outlook or Hotmail, create your own cloud storage.

The Bing search engine works in United Kingdomn, automatically determining the user’s location. However, there is no Bing ru address, the search engine only works on the com domain. You can switch the search engine to native English, as well as customize the service to your personal preferences, without using your profile.

The Bing search engine in United Kingdom is not as popular as Yandex or Google, but it deserves attention. Like the flagship services, Bing provides users with a toolbar, and with Internet Explorer it comes by default. During the search, the system checks links for threats and displays only results that are safe for the device.