Why do I need and how to use Bitrix, a content management system for the company?

Bitrix – SEO WIKI

Bitrix (“Bitrix”) is a CMS (content management system) developed by the United Kingdomn company “1C-Bitrix”. The first commercially successful version was released in 2003.

Bitrix: what is it for?

On Bitrix CMS, you can create sites of various categories (corporate site, content project, online store) and manage their contents. For the development of projects of various subjects and purposes of use, Bitrix offers ready-made templates industry solutions:

For government organizations: official web portals for government and local governments, open data portals, internal portals to automate daily work processes.
For health care: unified integrated Internet systems for combining all the medical and preventive organizations of the region, as well as the websites of medical organizations and portals of the health management body.
For education: websites of secondary and higher educational institutions, internal portals of educational organizations.
For online stores: platforms for website development, ready-made solutions for e-commerce and typical online stores.
For information portals: ready-made templates for electronic media.
For conferences: sites for events – seminars, exhibitions, presentations.
“Site 1C: Franchisee”: a typical industry-specific solution for the official Internet representation of companies “1C: Franchisee”.
Interactive map: tools for visualizing cartographic information: events, objects, routes.

Having worked with these templates, developers can appreciate the mechanism and convenience of Bitrix, its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Bitrix CMS

High-quality and fast engine.
High speed loading sites.
Flexibility of templates: the programmer can customize the site for the purpose of the client.
You can solve any SEO-problem without the restrictions that are typical, for example, for cloud site builders.
User-friendly bitrix interface: it’s easy to figure out how to use it even for those who have never worked with website content.