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Buying links to promote the site

Buying Links – SEO WIKI

Buying links is a paid placement of an external hyperlink leading to the page of your site. The purchase of links plays one of the main roles in SEO promotion, as search engines respond to the factor of an acceptable number of thematic links to your site and increase its delivery, considering it trust.

The purchase process is carried out between the optimizer and the webmaster. One of them undertakes to place on the page of its resource a URL with an anchor leading to the client’s site. The second – pays for this accommodation. Payment for the placement of links can be either fixed, one-time, or monthly, with a monthly fee.

To purchase links, there are special exchanges and web resources on which you can find both sellers and buyers of links. The most popular is the Sape exchange, where many sites of various subjects are represented. It is worth remembering that an illiterate and incorrect purchase of links can result in sad consequences, up to the ban of the site by search engines. Generally speaking, search engines look negatively at purchased links and only support sites that have natural links. However, for quick promotion, acquiring links is highly recommended.

The cost of links depends on many factors, the main ones being the TIC, PageRank, the age of the site and the number of external links on the page.