Checking site positions in Yandex and Google, monitoring visibility - SEO WIKI

Checking site positions in Yandex and Google, monitoring visibility

Checking site positions – SEO WIKI

The most frequently committed action by any owner of an Internet resource is the analysis and verification of the site’s position.

A site’s position in search engines is a certain place of a web resource by a key request in the search engine results. Ideally, the site should occupy a position in the top ten for key queries.

Analysis and verification of site positions in search engines are carried out for key queries that make up the semantic core. To promote queries from the semantic core to top places in search results, seo-specialists use various promotion methods. This may be an increase in the reference mass, additional content, an increase in the occurrences of key phrases in the text, and so on.

Without regular monitoring of the site’s position, it’s almost impossible to promote a site or promote an online store. Of course, you can verify each request manually by driving them into a search engine, but this is a rather lengthy and tedious process. Therefore, it is recommended to use special seo-programs, where each position of the site is removed in the search engines Yandex, Google, Mail, Rambler. They also provide an opportunity to show the dynamics of changes and issue a full report for the current period.

Checking the site for positions in Yandex

Positions in the Yandex search engine change after the so-called updates (updates) that occur periodically. Predicting the next update to the search results from a popular search engine is very difficult. Since there are several types of Yandex updates (text, link, search algorithm updates, and so on), it may take some time to check the final position of the site after optimization.

Checking Site Positions on Google

Google conducts updates and adding new pages to search results much faster. Therefore, the first results and positions on Google can be removed within a few days after seo-optimization and all changes on the site.