What is a click and how to recognize it

Clicking (click fraud, click fraud) – SEO WIKI

Clicking (click fraud) is the wrapping of targeted clicks. A person or a computer program specifically clicks on the ads of other people’s advertising campaigns in order to squander the advertising budget. This is done both from one device and from several.

How to recognize click fraud:

Visit time – no more than 1-2 seconds.
A large amount of traffic goes on one or two requests.
The budget ends quickly.
A sharp increase in traffic (i.e. there were 100 crossings in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and became 800).
Having studied statistics in detail, you can determine that all clicks come from a specific device or several devices (smartphone, PC of a certain brand and model). You can also determine the region (city) from which the transitions were made.

Ad splicing is a black method of displaying ads more often, and contextual advertising systems fight them. Yandex has created a multi-stage protection against clipping, which includes automatic and manual filtering methods. To combat click-throughs, AdWords also introduced a filtering system that identifies potentially invalid traffic before it even gets statistics.