CTR is the clickthrough rate of contextual ads and a website in search results.

Clickthrough rate (CTR) – SEO WIKI

The clickthrough rate (CTR) is the clickthrough rate. Most often, the concept of CTR is used in Yandex.Direct (contextual advertising) as the ratio of the number of clicks on an ad to the number of impressions of this ad. But CTR is also considered for a website in search results.

How to calculate CTR

CTR of a site in search results = (number of clicks on a request / number of hits of a site for a given request) * 100. The forecast of a CTR of a site in a search results for a specific request is affected by the appearance of the web resource snippet for this request:

the presence of quick links;
micro-markings, etc.

Ad CTR = (number of clicks on an ad / number of impressions) * 100. For example, if one person viewed an ad on a site and clicked on it, then the CTR will be 100%.

You can see the CTR in Yandex.Direct in the ad itself, opposite each keyword.

The following factors influence the CTR value:

ad unit size
the use of media attraction (sound, video);
the location of the ad unit on the page of the site (as a rule, the banners at the top of the page have the best CTR indicators).

The surest way to increase the CTR of contextual advertising is to create high-quality relevant ads, constantly test them and turn off poorly working in a timely manner.