What is a CMS? Purpose and functions of the Content Management System


CMS (from the English Content Management System) – content management software that is installed on the hosting site. In other words, CMS is a website engine. With it, you can easily change, add or delete texts, documents, images, meta tags, etc. Deciding on the choice of CMS is important already at the stage of creating the site.

Popular CMSs are designed in such a way that it would be equally comfortable for them to work with both the programmer for global edits in the code and the manager for minor corrections with the content.

CMS Benefits

The use in the work of an effective tool for solving specific problems.
The ability to change any information on the site yourself.
Constant testing of the web resource by users, so that you can quickly deal with detected errors and vulnerabilities.
Reducing the time spent on developing the website, there is no need to focus only on technical tasks.

The popularity rating of CMS with a description of the capabilities of each is presented in the industry magazine CMS Magazine.