Online content exchange for buying texts and photos

Content exchange – SEO WIKI

Content exchange is an online resource that acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of articles. The sellers are usually the authors of the articles – copywriters, but often on the stock exchanges of finished content, the sale of articles is carried out by resellers. Articles are bought by webmasters, seo agencies, owners of corporate and commercial sites.

The principles for writing content by exchanges are quite simple:

The site provides safe and fair cooperation when ordering content or purchasing ready-made articles, protecting the rights of both parties and guaranteeing wages and a refund in case of poorly performed work.
Text content exchanges have a clear set of rules and arbitration, which resolves contentious issues.
You can search for the desired content on the basis of ready-made articles, or place an order with specific conditions and select an artist from those who submitted the application.

In the process of working on the exchange, performers and customers gain a rating that reflects their experience. Points are added for transactions (execution or order fulfillment) and withdrawn for violation of obligations to other users.