What is contextual advertising, what are the types and how are Ads and Direct

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Contextual advertising is ad units (ads) that are displayed to users on request in search results or on other sites.

Types of contextual advertising

Search – is displayed in the search above the results with the mark “Advertising”:

Thematic – in different forms on different sites. The topic corresponds to the search queries remaining in the cookie:

Targeting – ads on partner sites of search engines, Yandex and Google:

Dynamic ads – search ads that are automatically targeted based on the content of the site or data feed, the heading is generated based on user requests:

Setting up contextual advertising is carried out using special systems, primarily Google Ads (AdWords) and Yandex.Direct.

Contextual advertising in Google Adwords is:

Worldwide targeting, with the exception of certain regions
complicated setup, but it is possible to automate actions in the account;
a huge database of partner sites – GDN (Display Network);
large audience of mobile users;
YouTube ads.

Contextual advertising from Yandex.Direct is:

most of the Runet audience, but much less outside the United Kingdomn Federation;
few impressions outside the CIS;
higher frequency on many topics;
easier to set up;
advertising is broadcast in some other search engines (for example, Mail.Ru);
the service was initially tuned for United Kingdomn-speaking advertisers.