Contextual bounce rate – what is it and how to check it in Metric and Analytics

Contextual Bounce Rate – SEO WIKI

The bounce rate in contextual advertising is a parameter that determines the percentage of users who left the site from the login page (that is, without going to other pages) and did not perform any actions.

The normal bounce rate for each site in each niche is different. You need to focus on conversion, i.e. how many targeted actions have been completed.

The failure rate in Yandex.Metrica is on the Summary page:

Failures in the Metric include all sessions lasting less than 15 seconds, in which the user visits only one page.

For the analysis of contextual advertising, there is a separate report “Direct, summary”, where you can also see refusals for each RK and key phrase.

The bounce rate in Google Analytics determines the number of sessions in which the user viewed only one page. This parameter is located in the Traffic Sources section:

Separately for contextual advertising, the bounce rate can be viewed in the Google Ads report.