Domain name and its registration

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A domain is the name of an Internet resource that replaces the difficult to remember combination of digits of the IP address of the server on which the site is hosted. The domain name is entered in the search bar of the browser to go to the main page of the resource.

What does the domain name of the site mean: it has its own structure, which consists of the domain name itself, the names of all the domains into which it belongs, and the points that separate them. For example, consists of three components: the domains cwtadvertising, and the point. The point in the domain is the root level, (as well as com, org and others) are the domains of the 1st or top level, cwtadvertising is the 2nd level.

FQDNs can consist of a larger number of domains: if the site was valid,, then the levels would be distributed as follows:

sample – 4th level;
plus1 – 3rd level;
cwtadvertising – 2nd level; is the upper level;
. – root level.

The domain has a history, search engines know how it has changed over time, and this is important for search engine optimization: a bad story affects the promotion negatively, a good one positively. A bad story is if the site was previously under filters, was banned or contained adult content (for example, pornographic in nature), and then the domain was sold to another owner (some kind of online store or information resource). In this case, it is highly likely that due to such a negative history, search engines will not bring such a resource to high positions.

There are whole exchanges for the sale of domains with a history – both positive and negative. Domains that have expired and are for sale are called drops or released domains because the site that was previously hosted on this domain has ceased to exist.

Choosing a domain, you must definitely check 3 characteristics:

Uniqueness, “freshness”.
Story using the above
a story;
PS filters;
whether there were links in exchanges.

When you move to another hosting IP will change, but the domain remains the same. A reliable domain registrar is a company that sells free domain names and then provides technical support for operations with them.