EMD (“Exact Match Domain”) – meaning of the term in SEO


EMD is an acronym for the English phrase “Exact Match Domain,” which translates to “exact entry into the domain.”

In SEO, this term means the inclusion of a key request in the name of the site, i.e. domain. In this case, the entry can be written in the domain as a single unit, and using a hyphen.

For example, the keyword that the site is promoting is “car dealership in Moscow”, then EMD will look like “avtosalonvmoskve.ru”, “avtosalon-v-moskve.ru” or “car dealership-in-Moscow.rf”.

It should be remembered that only Latin letters and hyphens can be used in the domain name. Therefore, the request should be translated into transliteration (this does not apply to the domain zone .rf).

In 2012, Google began to pessimize in the issuance of sites with EMD to deal with non-brand resources and doorway pages. When creating a domain name, this factor should be considered.