Differences between FTP and SFTP


FTP and SFTP are data transfer protocols that control the flow of information on the Internet from source to recipient.

The essence of these protocols is the use of the ability to directly work with site files: templates, styles, HTML pages and so on. Thanks to such protocols, these files can be changed, added, deleted.

SFTP and FTP: what is the difference?

The main difference between FTP and SFTP is the lack of a security protocol. SFTP is FTP with SSL security protocol, that is, its secure version. SFTP uses a control channel and requires a data security certificate. Therefore, FTP is easier to crack and intercept user data. SFTP assumes that the server has authenticated the client and its identifier is accessible to the protocol.

An SEO contractor needs access to work through such a connection, otherwise it will not work to do part of the work with code and SEO.

Access (no matter FTP or SFTP) is provided as follows:

Server address