What is gamification and what is its benefit for SMM promotion

Gaming in SMM – SEO WIKI

Gaming in SMM – the use of game mechanics in a non-gaming environment of social networks. Usually draws and promotions are used, within which the user must perform a series of actions (join a group, fill out a questionnaire, complete an assignment, publish a photo with a mention or hashtag, and so on).

Here is an example of gamification on VKontakte from the Labyrinth online bookstore:

Why gamification is needed:

attract new users and return old ones;
create additional activity and retain current users;
increase traffic;
increase the conversion (the user will spend more time on the site and more likely to buy something).

Before using gamification in advertising, make a portrait and mental map of your audience. This will help to understand the interests and needs of people who are willing to take part in the game.