What is the Google Display Network (Display Network), what ads can be placed on it, and how to choose where to display

Google Display Network (GDN) – SEO WIKI

The Google Display Network (CCM) is a system of platforms for placing contextual advertising ads Google Ads, which includes more than 2 million sites participating in the affiliate network. The analogue of such a system in Yandex is YAN.

The main advantage of advertising on the Display Network is the ability to use video and graphic elements that work to attract the attention of website visitors. The mechanism itself offers publication options that the advertiser can edit.

Setting up the Google Display Network begins with choosing the format and locations for your ads.

What ads can I place on the Google Ads Display Network?

text (contain only text);
image (image ads);
Rich Media (Animated Ads)
video ads.

How do I choose where to display ads on the Google Adwords Display Network?

By topics and key phrases using contextual targeting: the system will automatically select sites that are thematically most suitable based on the given keywords.
For specific sites that are needed as advertising platforms: the advertiser independently selects sites and pages, mobile versions, videos or applications. The audience to be shown ads is also selected.
For interested users: using remarketing, you can combine potential customers into groups and show them ads of predefined products and services.